Monthly Archives: July 2017

Of Cesspools and Septic Tanks

I stood at the edge of a circular stone pit, filled up to the iron pipe, the rank odor made worse with the head of the day. “It’s old,” said the inspector. “I’m not giving it much longer – a couple of years, maybe? See how the waste is right up to the iron pipe? […]

How Did I Get Here?

It’s the middle of the afternoon and all about me swirl a mass of humanity, searching for the perfect holiday gift. There’s anxious lovers seeking a treasure that’ll please, parents digging through the remains of empty shelves hoping against hope that a Hatchimal might lurk among the carcasses of toys, or the fed-up grandmother angry that the entire supply of Zip-Loc bags have been plundered by customers seeking to freeze cookies for later gluttony.