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“It’s the last one!” “I found it first! My days at Phipp’s are nothing more than a vehicle for entertainment, filled with oddities that might seem outlandish for the ordinary folk, but to us retail employees, it’s all part and parcel of the job. Though I desperately need to find employment elsewhere (a job with […]

Adding Up The Good

I took this picture when my father was still alive. Peaceful, isn’t it? He lived at the Jersey shore and this tranquil scene occurred up the street from his house. The sun was about to set, the clouds decorated the sky and a boat stood anchored a short distance from the street’s end. In less […]

Candy Conundrum

Ah, Easter! That lovely springtime holiday/holy day that evokes images of bunnies and chicks and tulips! What kid doesn’t look forward to receiving a basket loaded up with candy or searching for eggs containing stickers and jelly beans? Or getting all sugared up so it’s impossible for Junior to sit down to Easter brunch or […]


It comes over me unexpectedly sometimes. Today started off all right. Was in a pretty good mood when I began my shift at Phipp’s. Sure, there was a chorus of crying babies, but then again, when isn’t there? A flat filled with boxes of household cleaners and soaps awaited me. Wasting no time, I dug […]

Getting Ahead

So I get up this morning and get ready for work. Over coffee, I see this horoscope by Eugenia Last in my morning paper: Tidy up loose ends, and do your best to get ahead. An unexpected opportunity should be taken advantage of. He who hesitates is lost, so get moving and take what belongs to […]

There Are No Tears In Retail

Working in retail is not for the faint of heart. Seriously. One must brace oneself against heartbreak and disillusionment with society, and humanity at large. Thankfully, my coworkers are right there with me, ready to listen to the latest tales of incredulity. We all suffer abuse regularly, but we’re used to it. Tough, even. G’wan, […]

Now, How Did I Get Here?

Screaming children. There’s always screaming children. And bouncing balls. Those are left abandoned in some of the oddest places throughout the store – resting of bottles of Ny-Quil, stuck in between carpets, snuggled between bath towels. Or there’s screaming children bouncing balls, largely ignored by their parents, hoping the kid’ll stop whining about not getting that ball, much […]