The Perils of New Technology

Such a deal…

I love Macs. I’ve had one since forever. They’re expensive, sure. But my last one lasted ten years and is still going. As a birthday present, I bought myself a brand new one. Above is the actual box it came in. Such a deal! There was a special President’s Day Weekend sale – $100 off any Mac product! But then, just behind the register, were a few boxes that had these 25% off stickers on them. You do the math, if you’re so inclined, to see what a bargain I got on this computer.

That was the easy part.

I had to move my files from my old one to my new one. Since I don’t have enough room in my cloud storage, and I’m too cheap to buy more, I used my external hard drive to move the files from one computer to another. It took forever, but it worked.

Then I had to reset some passwords. It’s something I do regularly, but for some reason, WordPress didn’t believe I owned this account. It totally rejected my email address – the only one I’ve ever used for this platform – as well as my password. It works just fine on my other computer, but not this one. Why, I can’t tell you. I use Safari as my browser, yet for some reason it doesn’t like my new computer. After a half-hour of trying to get it to work, it finally sent me a link which got me right on.

Then there’s my Google account. Same deal. I correctly answered the security questions. No dice. I couldn’t get into those, either. In fact, just about everything didn’t work for me. My iCloud account works just fine on my old computer and my phone, but not on this computer.

Someday, I’m going to laugh at all of this. But today, I just want my new computer to cooperate. I’m a tech-savvy person who can figure most things out. But it seems that I’m going to be facing a few new challenges with my new acquisition.

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